with special guests

WLI ELEVATE provides an engaging and innovative virtual forum in which special guests sit in conversation with the women of Johnson & Johnson to share the stories of their personal journeys. Through diverse conversations, WLI ELEVATE is building an engaging and inclusive community where women can come together to feel encouraged, embraced and enough.

In 2020, WLI ELEVATE hosted 12 authentic conversations. This year, as part of the ‘Watch for Women’ campaign, WLI ELEVATE is set to host another inspiring group of trailblazing women.

Internal Guests

Ashley McEvoy

Season 1

EVP, Worldwide Chairman, Medical Devices at Johnson & Johnson

Carol Montadon

Season 1

Chief Quality Officer, Global VP Quality and Compliance at Johnson & Johnson

Liz Forminard

Season 1

Worldwide VP, General Counsel, Pharmaceuticals at Johnson & Johnson

Jennifer Taubert

Season 1

EVP, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals at Johnson & Johnson

Kathy Wengel

Season 1

EVP & Chief Global Supply Chain Officer at Johnson & Johnson

Ashley Watson

Season 1

General Counsel, Medical Devices at Johnson & Johnson

WLI ELEVATE aspires to elevate all women, all around the world.

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