Tarana Burke




Social Justice Activist & Founder Of the ‘me Too’ Movement

Tarana Burke, best known as the founder of the ‘me too’ Movement, has dedicated her life to social justice work and giving strength to those who experienced sexual trauma or harassment.

The simple yet courageous #metoo campaign has generated over 13 million Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, emerging as a rallying cry for people everywhere who have survived sexual assault and sexual harassment. Tarana’s powerful, poignant story as creator, of what is now an international movement that supports survivors, will move, uplift and inspire you.

#metoo is not just an overnight sensation. Years before it became a viral hashtag, Tarana founded Just Be Inc., a non-profit that helps victims. She has dedicated more than 25 years of her life to social justice and to laying the groundwork for a... movement that was initially created to help young women of color who survived sexual abuse and assault. The movement now inspires solidarity, and amplifies the voices of thousands of sexual abuse victims by putting the focus back on survivors.

A sexual assault survivor herself, Tarana is now Executive Director of the ‘me too’ organization, and during speaking engagements, provides insight into the current state of affairs and outpouring of sexual assault and harassment allegations, addresses pressing issues of respect, dignity and power dynamics in schools, workplaces and politics, and shines a light on the stories of survivors and voices that continue to be marginalized.

Tarana was honored as one of The Silence Breakers named to TIME’s “2017 Person of the Year,” and named to TIME’s “100 Most Influential People of 2018.”.

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